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A chat with the man pulling off some of the most outrageous shit on a skateboard.
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Johan Stuckey is a walking, talking, cartoon character. I think his prescription in his eye glasses are so thick that without them he might be considered close to blind.
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Side Streets: Raymond Molinar

Have you ever had one of those friends who tends to be good at everything they do?
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Side Streets: Christian Maalouf

Christian Maalouf, now let me see ... He's a bit of a sarcastic cat, very quick witted. If you set the kid up for a joke or some type of condescending comeback he'll pounce on the opportunity and make you feel stupid.
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Side Streets: Bams

Amber is a big ball of opinionated energy. Regardless of the topic, she will always give you her two cents. I'm not saying this in a negative way though, she just likes to keep people on their toes and pick brains a little bit.
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