‘Atlanta’ Heads Home for the Final Season Trailer

All good things must come to an end.

And so, the bittersweet final season of Atlanta is finally about to arrive, teased today with the first official trailer of Season 4. In the trailer, we see the whole crew back in Atlanta after their trippy European tour, which saw them chainsawing rare trees in billionaires’ homes and being unknowing participants in death ceremonies.

If you’re still not up to speed from last season, you should do that immediately, because Season 4 is dropping Thursday, September 15 on Hulu. Seeing Earn, Van, Paper Boi and Darius returning to the show’s spiritual home and literal namesake is only fitting, bringing the groundbreaking series full circle before we say goodbye to one incredible show. Given that Donald Glover has gone on the record to say he would’ve been happy to end it with Season 2, you can rest assured that the final season will be just that—final. hit play on the trailer above and pencil in the last-ever season on Hulu next month.

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