Artists Makes Art Out of Crayons But Not Like That

Nashville-based artist Herb Williams is making art out of crayons.

But he’s not rendering stick figures on butcher’s paper and then having a nap after some cut fruit—he’s creating amazing three-dimensional sculptures out of crayons. Williams’ new works address climate change in a way that he hopes will be appealing to people who enjoy eating crayons: children (and adults suffering from Pica).

‘The epic catastrophes, disasters, and pandemic are virtually impossible to navigate as adults,’ said Williams through stained teeth, ‘so I am trying to create works that will help children understand and eventually deal, most hopefully solve what we can’t one day. I’m exploring the myths we cling to comfort, deny or manage our way through without losing our collective humanity.’

This is not the first time Williams has made sculptures out of crayons. His other works include crayon dogs, cats, recreations of other famous artworks, and some other weird shit. A larger collection of Williams’ work can be viewed at Nashville’s Rymer Gallery.


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