Artist Pledges to Stay in Shed For 10 Years

Los Angeles man Tim C. Inzana has spent the last 100 days live-streaming himself 24/7 from a shed.

Naturally, it’s for art. But more than that, it’s for money. Tim will happily stay in his shed for up to 10 years, but having him there comes with a hefty price tag: $10 million (or $5 million for five years). Tim C. Inzana is prepared to remain alone in his shed until 2031 if someone will give him $10 million.

Tim C. Inzana: Weapon.

And what will he do in there? He’ll make art— and he will be art. Tim will sell you, the person with a spare $10M in their bullshit budget, a custom-made frame that features the live stream from his shed. To clarify, you will give $10 million to Tim and he will live in his shed—on your wall, in your home—for the next 87,658.2 hours. You will be the sole owner of Tim’s stream. The five years for $5 mill budget option will be sold off to 20 buyers, so, you know, may as well pay the money and own Tim going insane in a shed on Twitch outright.

If you’d like to see what your millions will buy you, you can check Tim in his shed on Twitch. He’ll be there all year. Scintillating stuff.

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