Golden Rays: A Super 8 Iso Adventure

Film and words by Lachy Henry

This little film, Golden Rays, takes us up the east side of Oz, a path well-travelled—and there’s a reason for that.

We started with a big night at the pub in Sydney, then went to Crescent Head with some mates, then Byron, and then over the border of QLD to lap it up in Straddie. Man, did we lap it up. We packed for a two week holiday almost three months ago and we’re still wearing the same four T-shirts. Goes to show you don’t need much. And Northern NSW had been putting on some kind of surfing clinic. It’s rained maybe twice, and for the first time in our lives, we’ve been all surfed out. All in the numbers there. But we’re here making the most of life slowed down.

So, this is my film, Golden Rays. Pardon the name; I don’t know if I rate it, but it’s a lyric in the song I’ve chosen and it makes me feel warm, kinda. Worth mentioning: it’s like the sun’s rays, and not actual men called Ray… I’m sure there are a few golden Rays, though. Anyway, these are moments that made me run to the van to get my Super 8. Moments too good to miss. I think it’s really special what super 8 film creates. It has a sort of nostalgic feeling that makes you think of the glory days.

A mate watched this film the other day and said, ‘It reminds me of the good old days,’ but most of this footage was shot over the last two months. Maybe it serves the purpose of reminding us that we actually are living in those glory days right now. You’ve just gotta go and appreciate the sunsets, the waves, the birds flying in the sky, beers with mates. Times are tough at the moment, but we gotta pinch ourselves because it’s not half bad. And for our mates in Victoria, maybe this can provide a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

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