5 Bits For Your Travel Kit

Why would you listen to us drone on and on about travel gear when you can just listen to Brendan Ives?

Founder of Adventure Merchants and rad Landy-for-rent co. Bear Rentals, Brendan’s made a living out of knowing exactly what gear you need on the road. After his gap year turned into a gap decade, Brendan headed home with the idea for Adventure Merchants—a one-stop-shop for vehicles, clothing, rooftop tents, and all the adventure knick-knacks you can think of, that’ll last the distance and won’t end up in landfill. We asked Brendan to give us a hard and fast list of five essentials he never leaves home without, and here’s what he narrowed it down to.

Roark: Layover Trail Shorts

One pair of shorts to rule them all! Beach by day, BBQ by night. Explore in comfort, socialise in style.

Barebones: Japanese Nata Tool

When you’re heading bush, who doesn’t need a good machete? As beautiful as it is versatile—slash your way to adventure.

Simarine: Pico

Thinking of living the van life? Power is one of the key factors that make living off the grid possible. The Simarine Pico allows you to monitor power usage, battery life, water level and much more. Or in other words, it’ll let you see how long you can dodge civilization for.

Red Roads: The Skewer

A tent peg… not that interesting, hey? Well, this is the last tent peg you’ll ever buy. Designed for the rock hard Aussie outback and made from 12” of stainless steel, these will break your hammer before it bends.

Yeti: Colster

Keeps cans and bottles so cold for so long that you’ll have to rethink your understanding of a few natural laws. Standard 375mL cans and bottles fit like a glove… a glove with double-wall vacuum insulation (no more warm dregs at the bottom of your campground tinnie).

Check out more travel gear at adventuremerchants.com

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