48 Hours Out Of Hobart: Bruny Island

Words and photos by Sam Brumby

A very good friend of mine used to work at King Island Dairy, which funnily enough is found on King Island, 245 clicks off the coast of our greatest state: Tasmania.

They make cheese there, which you’ve probably eaten if you like good cheese. He spent 3 years spinning big ol’ wheels of cheddar and going surfing in the interim. I never got to visit due to it being an expensive endeavour in my younger years. However, following the cheese spinning my mate moved to Bruny Island and began work as an Oyster farmer, another fine Tasmanian commodity you’ve mostly likely partaken in. Point is, there must be something special about islands, especially Tasmanian ones. Must have something to do with all the fresh air and un-crowded-waves. But more importantly for me, Bruny proved has proved a lot easier to visit than King Island.

Out the back of the lighthouse, you’ll find Courts Island. No one lives on this island. Maybe my mate will move there next.

Here’s a quick lowdown: Drive 30 minutes out of Hobart to Kettering (The Kettering Incident, great show on iView), then hop on the 20-minute ferry and enjoy a pre-packed Boags Red (best beer in the state) while you take in the views crossing the straight. Once you’re across, I’d recommend going straight to the Bruny Island Cheese Co. and enjoying copious amounts of cheese and/or wine.

There’s some good beach driving to be found on Bruny, just don’t get in this predicament and you’ll be fine.

Keep driving south, you can stop for oysters and vino on the way if you’re so inclined. There’s plenty of good grub and drink on this island. During the drive down you’ll eventually wind up at the pub, which you potentially may not leave. Not just because you may have a tendency to drink too much, but also because it’s a hotel.

Island living

So now you’ve seen all the stuff everyone else has seen (make sure to walk up The Neck and get your shot for the gram) which is all great and better than anything you’ll find in whatever city you’re from. But! Do yourself a favour and venture out on one of the many, many walks on the island, visit some beaches, and check out the lighthouse—outdoors is what it’s all about. And don’t spend all your time complaining about the cold and wind chill… it is Tassie, after all.

Make sure you’ve got some rubber if you plan on venturing out into the drink.

Also, if you are so inclined, surfwise there’s a bunch of really good waves on the island. I’m not telling you anything about them and I’m most certainly not at liberty to. Better off heading to the pub and making friends, or just driving around. The island is bigger than you’d think but also the perfect size to explore something different every day you’re there.

Go have a geez at Nick Green’s Instagram @nickgreenphoto He’s got a lot better photos of Bruny’s ocean fruits than I do.

Pack a warm steamer and some good layers, go camping, light a fire and get outdoors because it’s bloody beautiful. Best take some of Crombie’s pot cookies too, goes hand in hand with nature… fact-checked by author.

Go enjoy it, but make sure to respect it. Places like this are special for a reason.
Bruny Island lighthouse museum might be small, but she sure packs a punch. Check out this map.
Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ has nothing to do with this little guy.

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