Art Accounts You Should Be Following

Bringing art into your day has never been easier thanks to Instagram.

Despite its downfalls (birthplace of influencer culture, questionable censorship policies, steals years of your life away, etc.), Instagram is a cornucopia overflowing with great art content. Whether you like to peruse relatable memes, learn about new artists, or keep up to date on the latest art world news, curb your aimless scrolling with these six art-driven accounts.


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Much of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the art world remains unknown to the greater public; although Art Handler is doing a pretty good job of demystifying a lot of it. Celebrating the day-to-day grind of art handlers everywhere (who are ultimately responsible for the glamorous end results that the art world is known for) and cleverly riffing on art culture, the publication’s account is an ode to the trials and tribulations of installers everywhere. From nifty tool tricks, to hands-on installation hacks, to ironic memes, if levels, forklifts and drills are your thing, this one’s for you.


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Run by Berlin-based artist Jason Gringler, Work2Day is a page dedicated to mesmerising works of contemporary art. In keeping with an aesthetic guided by minimalism and abstraction, Work2Day shares pieces that feel close to our own lived experiences. Often featuring artists who utilise everyday materials such as furniture, clothes and perishable food items, the account is satisfying nexus of the elemental, artificial and ephemeral.


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It’s no secret that the art world has always harboured this little thing called gender imbalance. One of the people addressing this disparity today is Katy Hessel of The Great Women Artists, whose weekly podcast aims to reinsert women back into the canon of art history. Her account not only keeps you up to date on her latest interviews with renowned curators, researchers and female artists, but shares detailed recaps of current exhibitions and artworks that highlight women artists from both past and present. For those seeking more than just a pretty picture, dive into fleshed out captions and get your fill of women’s art history.


Get your fix of ironic art memes with Jerry Gogosian. Founded by American gallerist Hilde Lynn Helphenstein—who was outed as her alias earlier this year—Jerry is the self-proclaimed son of mega gallerist darling/God Larry Gagosian (not true) and the account itself is a captivating satire of the contemporary art world. Existing ‘on the cutting edge of stating the obvious’ as Hilde/Jerry puts it, the memes are often speaking on multiple levels, laying bare insidious issues that run deep in mega galleries, including long-standing sexism, staff exploitation and other flaws that underline a seemingly pristine industry. A request to follow along is essential.


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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an art critic? Well, you can peer inside the everyday life of one by following Jerry Saltz. Known for his outspoken views on the art world at large, the Pulitzer prize-winning critic is never one to hold back. Also recognised for his ‘how-to’ tips for budding artists by way of articles and recent books, tuning into Saltz’ posts is sure to be insightful in more ways than one.


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Highlighting artwork from the pre-Renaissance period to the Modern Era is an online gallery of images, @historyof.art_ Whether you’re more of a traditionalist or simply enjoy the aesthetics of death and drama, you can observe classic pieces via this account that posts daily, offering a fine selection of paintings for you to appreciate and ogle at. But it doesn’t stop here: other similar pages include @paintings.daily and @justarthistory.

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