Are Weed Dealers Essential Workers?

THE SERVICE charts a day in the life of Myles Wily, a veteran turned weed delivery man during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC.

That’s the long and the short of director Nathan Fitch’s new film, and as a fan of the universally loved High Maintenance series, the premise hooked me in. At just seven minutes, this mini-doc only captures quick and concealed snapshots of Wily’s customers—a divorcee who can’t figure out how to use her weed vape, some girls with a preference for edibles—turning the focus instead on the deliveryman himself.

As the city remains indoors and hanging out of windowsills for the 7 pm essential worker cheering session that caught on in cities worldwide, Wily pedals past down below—seen to those up above, presumably, as an essential worker on his way to work. ‘At 7 o’clock when people start clapping and I’m like, “Do they know they’re clapping for like, a drug dealer right now?”’ he says laughing in the film. ‘Other people say it’s essential so it must be, but I really don’t think the people standing on the roofs think they’re clapping for their local drug dealer.’

Hit play on THE SERVICE above.

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