April’s Best New Music

Lots going on in the music world this week.

Lizzo slid into Captain America’s DMs while drunk, Kings of Leon announced they’re visiting Australia for the first time in a decade, and Evanescence dropped an absolute banger of a new song. Just kidding, it’s god awful. All of it. Here’s some way better music news—Little Simz, Kojaque, Ashwarya, and Angel Olsen all dropped new songs this week. So too did The Chemical Brothers, Ghost Woman, Deb Never, Ekkstacy, and Dinosaur Jr.

Proceed at high volume.

KOJAQUE – Town’s Dead

Dublin-based hip hop artist and producer Kojaque started writing his new album on a laptop at 19-years-old. The 16-track debut is finally ready to share with the world on June 25, but in the meantime he’s served us this absolute firecracker of a first single, ‘Town’s Dead’, which also happens to be the album name. Get hyped.

Little Simz – Introvert

27-year-old UK rapper Little Simz is back after last year’s Drop 6 EP with ‘Introvert’, produced by longtime collaborator and childhood friend, Inflo. A reflection on the absolute shit show that was 2020, the track covers everything from politics to anxiety, and we should all count ourselves pretty lucky that she didn’t keep this one to herself.

The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

32 years since they formed The Chemical Brothers, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are still making groundbreaking electronic music. Despite bursting onto the scene in ’89, their sound hasn’t dated a day—which is no easy feat in any genre, but particularly rare in the dance music scene. Anyway, who cares how old they are? Lace up your shoes and get tapping.

ASHWARYA feat. Vic Mensa – To the Night

Melbourne based singer-songwriter ASHWARYA has come out swinging on her new single, announcing a collab with none other than Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. Of the track, ASHWARYA says it’s ‘about triumphing over personal or external obstacles that may hold you back’ and hopes people ‘can see themselves as the main character in this song, coming through in total command.’ Her debut EP, Nocturnal Hours, drops June 10.

Ghost Woman – Demons

Evan Uschenko of Canadian band Ghost Woman booked an abandoned farmhouse in the prairies of southern Alberta for two months last year and converted it into a studio. ‘In a fog of smoke and whiskey’, he recorded the songs that would become Ghost Woman’s upcoming EP, Lost Echo’s, out July 13. Here’s a sip.

Deb Never – Sorry

After releasing her Bandcamp-only quarantine project, Intermission, Deb fell into a bit of a funk in LA last year. Hoping to find inspiration, she booked a one-way ticket to London and moved in with longtime collaborator and UK-based artist Michael Percy. And by the sounds of it, twas the best decision she ever made. ‘Sorry’ is the first single off her upcoming project, slated for a summer 2021 release.


EKKSTACY feat. herhexx – I wanna be by your side
Someone in the comments pointed out how this song reminds them of the riff in ‘1979’ by The Smashing Pumpkins and now I can’t unhear it. Maybe that’s what subconsciously drew me into this track by 18-year-old Vancouver artist EKKSTACY, but now I’m hooked. 

Dinosaur Jr. – Take It Back

Know who’s been at it even longer than The Chem Bros? Dinosaur Jr. Formed in 1984 in Massachusetts, J Mascis (who we just interviewed!) & co have gone on to record eleven albums, including Sweep It Into Space, out today. ‘Take It Back’ is the third single off the record, with an accompanying video by filmmaker Callum Scott-Dyson, who decided to take the creature from the album sleeve on its own little adventure in the clip via stop motion animation.

Angel Olsen – Alive and Dying

Not to get all philosophical on a music compilation post, but we’re all alive and dying right this very second. Ain’t that something? Leave it up to North Carolina singer-songwriter Angel Olsen to chill our bones with that icy truth on a sweeping ballad that threatens to snap your ticker in two without so much as a warning. Her boxset, Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories box drops May 7.

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