AOC Explains/Discusses GameStop

In my defence, I’m currently catching up on three years worth of tax returns and the inside of my head looks like a trading pit on ayahuasca.

But I kinda get it now, thanks to this highlight reel of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and someone called ‘TheStockGuy’ on the gaming stream Twitch. Basically, the GameStop phenomenon went like this: Wall Street dudes borrowed stocks in GameStop and with the plan to sell them for either lots of money or not very much money, and then buy them back for less-or more—so they could then pocket the difference and get richer. But then some kids on Reddit were like, ‘Let’s fuck these guys and buy (or sell?) all their borrowed GameStop stocks and put them inside an old coffee tin and bury them down behind the lemon tree at the back fence. Then right before we take our final breath in 60 years, we’ll hand a secret map to our grandchildren, fart, shudder, and expire like a leaky balloon. Watch the vid.

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