Anger, Fear and Rage

Words and photos: Anthony Acosta

The emotions were high when I was walking around downtown LA on Saturday.

I could feel the anger, fear and rage. Enough is enough. There’s only so much you can take before the breaking point, we’ve again reached that point. Police brutality and racial injustice are nothing new here. I remember the riots in 1992. They happened not too far from where I grew up. I remember being outside and seeing all of the smoke from the burning buildings. I remember seeing the graphic footage of looting, violence and shootings all happening live on the news. I remember the anger, fear and rage.
It hurts to see how divided and broken we are as a country, but it’s truly inspiring to see people of every color unite all around the nation to make a stand. Enough is enough. It’s time to stop focusing on our differences and start realizing that we have more in common with one another than we know. It’s time for change. If that doesn’t happen, the country will continue to burn.

All through out the city, business owners are forced to board up windows in preparation for looting and destruction.
The message is clear and the writing’s on the wall.
Super-rad to spot fellow skateboarder and photographer Jerry Hsu out in action.
Protesters keeping things peaceful while getting the message across.
Another message to the Police.
Protesters at the famous Pershing Square in downtown LA.
Loud and clear.
The LAPD has every officer on call right now. No days off, no holidays. Something that has not happened since 1992.
The military’s National Guard has shown up to reinforce the law in the city—also something that has not happened since 1992.

A soldier guarding a Starbucks that was looted and ravaged the night before.
The eye in the sky. AKA The Ghetto bird.
‘To Protect and to Serve.’ Not quite.
While I was out shooting, a 6pm curfew was instated. Anyone caught outside after 6pm could be arrested on sight. As I began to make my way home, I caught this intimidating caravan heading into downtown.

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