Watch: Andy Dixon in Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is an artist who is hyper-aware of the relationship between art and luxury.

His work is a blend of renaissance nudes, Flemish still lives, and expensive things that rappers might buy. While preparing for his upcoming show (We Open on Andy Dixon, Vain, Egotistical, Materialistic, Unoriginal, Sitting in a Hollywood Restaurant — Untitled via Beers London, San Francisco, 2020), his buddy, David Bourke, a director and cinematographer from Australia, wanted to document the paradoxes and processes Andy enacts while preparing for a show such as this. Luckily they had leftover 35mm short ends and an Arriflex camera close by to help them capture this dream. The film was shot in Andy’s studio in downtown Los Angeles with a minimal crew and no agenda. Departing from all of the branded content that floods our markets, this is a creation just for the sake of creating something. Art forms coming together. Essentially, it’s just a couple of wankers filming each other, but it’s a great watch. — David Bourke.

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