Andrei Molodkin’s Blood-Soaked White House

‘The use of human blood is required to interrogate the existing political system.’

Those are the words of our old mate Andrei Molodkin, the provocative Russian-born artist who will be remembered for being on the right side of history (unlike, say, that fuck-knuckle ‘revolutionary’ who can only eat organic food). With the help of the American artist and Trump tormentor Robin Bell, Molodkin has projected his artwork White House Filled with the Blood of U.S. Citizens onto the Trump Hotel in Washington DC, just one mile from the Capitol, completely covering the building’s facade with the actual oozing plasma of Americans who donated blood to the project.

‘The White House is the symbolic heart of “Western” democracy,’ said Molodkin in a statement, ‘and here we see it as it is, fueled by the blood of its citizens.’

Molodkin revived the 2019 artwork in the wake of the January 6 storming of the Capitol Building that left six dead and the world aghast. The work was initially created as an ominous warning of what could happen on Trump’s watch…

‘In the wake of insurrection, we’ve heard sentiments expressing that these actions don’t reflect America,’ said Bell. ‘Yet, our country has systematically upheld white supremacy. This artwork demands that folks challenge the inherent inequality and collectively work towards a just future.’

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