Journey Through the Heart of America With Banjo McLachlan

Photos by Banjo McLachlan

After reading Banjo McLachlan’s open letter regarding the never-ending woes of the average paparazzo, you’d be forgiven for thinking he hates photography.

But just because there’s half a cockroach in your sandwich, doesn’t mean you should throw the whole thing, you know? Banjo refuses to let the long days and nights of hiding out on street corners waiting for celebrities sour his love of photography, and for that we’re glad.

The Aussie photographer took some time out from the New York rat race to travel across south-western America recently—Vegas, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Route 66 and Yucca Valley, to name a few—and document the weird and wonderful things that only happen in the desert. A few rattlesnakes, a lot of selfies, and countless cagey locals later, Banjo got enough quality snaps to fill an entire hardcover book. He’s called it Oasisamerica, and it’s overflowing with images that beg for an explanation you’ll probably never get. They’re funny, endearing, and downright bizarre, which sounds like the perfect addition to your coffee table collection this Christmas.

Have a peek at some of the photos from Oasisamerica below, then head to Banjo’s Instagram @baanjo or website for more on how you can bag a copy.

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