Allpress & SurfAid: a Match Made in Heaven

Surfers have always had strong links to social and environmental activism—which makes sense, given that Mother Nature is their playground.

SurfAid is one such organisation that’s been fighting the good fight for over two decades, raising funds and awareness to improve the health, well-being and self-reliance of people living in isolated surf regions, particularly in Indonesia. A region that’s as beautiful as it is popular with surfers looking for perfect waves the world over, it’s also one of the most at-risk areas from the effects of climate change. From unpredictable natural disasters to rising sea levels, it’s a heavy burden for the remote communities of locals to carry, and that’s where Allpress and SurfAid come in.

Photos by Cory Roberts

After the success of their first SurfAid coffee in 2020 with coffee partner Wahana Estate, Allpress are partnering up for another special edition SurfAid single-origin coffee this year. From June 20th, all profits from the coffee and limited edition merchandise will be donated to SurfAid. Great coffee for a good cause is exactly what we like to see—as does SurfAid ambassador, Tessa de Josselin.

Photo by Cory Roberts

If you recognise Tessa from around the traps, that’s because she’s an Aussie actress, environmental communicator, surfer and podcaster. As someone who’s both a passionate environmental advocate and a surfer who’s travelled to the Sumatra region herself, the mission of SurfAid and Allpress resonates deeply with her. With undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in sustainability and climate policy, she now divides her time between acting and advocacy, as well as churning out informative, digestible episodes about the climate change challenge on her podcast The Nature Between Us. We caught up with Tessa to find out more about the latest Allpress x SurfAid collaboration, her work with SurfAid, and the latest season of her brilliant podcast.

As this is all about celebrating the beautiful union of Allpress and SurfAid, we’d like to kick things off by asking what’s your coffee order in the morning?

Ahhh coffee, it really does get you out of bed some mornings. If I’m home we get our little percolator cranking, and if I’m out at a cafe I’m ordering an oat cap.

How did you first become involved with SurfAid?

SurfAid has been on my radar for years and years, having seen the work they do in Indonesia and hearing about them within the surfing community. Then in 2020, I reached out about getting involved with them and surfing in one of their events and the relationship grew from there. Stoked!

You seem to have spent a lot of time exploring Indonesia, including Sumatra where the proceeds from this special edition coffee will go towards. What draws you so much to the region, and have you noticed any changes in the environment there over time?

Yeah, Indonesia is such a beautiful and interesting part of the world and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to various areas throughout the region. I think initially what drew me there was the same as most surfers – fun waves and a warm climate! But over time, and after one particularly memorable trip to the Maluku Islands, I’ve really come to love the Indonesian people—their cheekiness, humour, rich culture, amazing food, and complex history. I’m yet to make it to Sumatra but half of my partner’s family is from there so it’s definitely on my list!

As far as environmental changes, I’ve not noticed much first hand having not visited the same place twice, but I have seen areas experiencing widespread degradation. I’d say that land clearing (mainly for palm oil plantations/production) and waste management (particularly plastics) are two big issues causing drastic changes to the environment and community well-being in Indonesia.

You’re massively involved in sustainability efforts, through what you’ve chosen to study, who you’ve chosen to partner with, and your podcast The Nature Between Us. Can you tell us a little more about the podcast and what you have planned for season 2?

Environmentalism is woven pretty tightly into many aspects of my life now and I love it! The Nature Between Us is a series of casual and informative conversations about the environment, aimed at demystifying environmental issues and appreciating our natural world. I hope for it to be a sort of antidote to climate anxiety and an invitation for curiosity! I’m currently releasing season 2, and it dives into a bunch of topics such as natural gas fracking, sustainable fashion, Aboriginal water rights, the plight of our bees, diminishing kelp forests, coral bleaching, the psychological benefits of gardening and of course the big one—climate change!

What’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences you’ve had in working with SurfAid over the years?

Well due to covid it took a while before I got to meet the SurfAid team IRL! So helping out and documenting the Bondi Cup last year was pretty great. Doug and the whole team are top-notch, and the event had a really positive, fun vibe. But beyond that, seeing the way SurfAid have nurtured a strong connection of care between local communities here and the remote communities in Indonesia was, and is, really cool.

Why should people care about giving back to areas such as Sumatra, that feel so far removed from their daily lives?

Well, if you’re a surfer or someone who enjoys tropical holidays – chances are you’ve been to Indonesia! And in many ways, it’s a privilege to be able to travel and be supported by a local tourism industry, so it’s nice to give back to those regions and the local communities that provide us with so many positive experiences. Buying this coffee is an easy way to do that! It’s sourced from a Sumatran grower called Wahana Estate, who are working extensively with and for the local community and the environment. And the taste? Super yum. It’s a win-win-win!

Photos by Cory Roberts

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