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February’s through, can you believe it?

I can’t. It feels like a month that gave us nothing. No good weather (both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres), no Trump arrest warrants, and still no Danny DeVito sightings. Honestly, what is he up to? Maybe March will provide us with the answers we need. Alas, at least this month delivered a bounty of spectacular new music. Featuring Genesis Owusu, CHAI, Julien Baker, and Chad VanGaalen, here’s the best of it.

Genesis Owusu – Gold Chains

People have been sleeping on Canberra-based singer and rapper Genesis Owusu for way too long, but this right here should well and truly wake them up. After dropping an EP in 2017 and a bunch of singles over the past few years, the 23-year-old Ghanaian-Australian artist is finally releasing his debut record, Smiling With No Teeth, on March 5. This sultry single is the second taken from the record, with a gorgeous accompanying video directed by Riley Blakeway.

Natalie Bergman – Shine Your Light On Me

Natalie Bergman’s ghostly new gospel number is powerful enough to turn even the staunchest of atheists toward the light. Is she an angel sent from the heavens? Science suggests no, but her voice suggests otherwise. One half of sibling duo Wild Belle, Bergman drops her debut solo record, Mercy, on May 7th via Third Man Records. Hallelujah!

Chad VanGaalen – Nightwaves

I dare Chad VanGaalen to put out a bad song. The Alberta-based genre jumper has been marching to the (slightly off) beat of his own drum for the last decade, and it’s always a pleasure to hear what he’s been brewing up in his bunker. Inspired by ‘the endless news feed’, this new track is one of thirteen on his upcoming record, the wonderfully titled World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener, out March 19th.

Sofia Kourtesis – By Your Side

Before everything went bad last year, Berlin-based Peruvian artist Sofia Kourtesis dropped what became her breakout EP, Sarita Colonia. It was January, 2020, and life was good. Little did we know… Anyway, by the sounds of things, Sofia has put the last year of downtime to good use, announcing the release of her new EP, Fresia Magdalena, on March 19. Until then, nod away to ‘By Your Side’, one of the first tracks recorded for the EP.

CHAI – Maybe Chocolate Chips

Know what the world needs more of? Mole-love. Forget Austin Powers’ infamous taunts, moles are beautiful, like chocolate chips on a cookie! At least that’s how CHAI’s bassist and lyricist YUUKI sees them. ‘A lot of things happen as we age and with that for me, is new moles! But I love them! My moles are like the chocolate chips on a cookie, the more you have, the happier you become’, she says.

Tex Crick – Peaches & Cream

Here’s an obscure reference, but doesn’t Australian artist Tex Crick kind of sound like Badly Drawn Boy doing karaoke to Pulp? I mean that as a total compliment, by the way. An ode to the simple moments of joy that can be overlooked in the presence of big life changes, Tex says the song’s a reminder that ‘No matter how far you go, hold on to your roots. Everyone can be a star. It’s not about money or fame; it’s how you live your daily life.’ His forthcoming debut, Live In…New York City, drops March 26th via Mac’s Record Label.

Julien Baker – Heatwave

Hot off the press, Nashville-based, Memphis-native Julien Baker today releases her highly anticipated third record, Little Oblivions. Renowned for leaving you with a gigantic lump in your throat by song’s end, the 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist delivers another gut punch on ‘Heatwave’, the fourth single taken from the new album. Saying she’s ‘wise beyond her years’ feels like a lazy cop-out, so let’s just call her wise instead.

Bachelor – Anything At All

Everyone loves a new introduction, so allow me the honour of introducing you to Bachelor, a brand new project by Jay Som (Melina Duterte) and Palehound (Ellen Kempner). Their debut single, ‘Anything At All’, came out today, but doesn’t it sound like it’s been stuck in your head for years? Hoping there’s plenty more where this came from.

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