Ain’t That Swell’s Inaugural ‘Swellness Summit’

When we say 3-day festival focused on meditation, mental health seminars, ice baths, surfing, workshops, meditation, films, live music, meditation, and much more, do you automatically think of Jed Smith and Vaughan Blakey?

Us neither, but times have changed and so have the lads from the world’s favorite surf podcast, Ain’t That Swell... or maybe they were always about wellness and living your best life… Any road, from Friday, October 21 to Sunday, October 23, the Swellians will be holding their inaugural bio-hacking Swellness Summit at Waves Campground in Crescent Head (aka Krezo, hay). The event will bring together some of the surf community’s biggest names to share their techniques for living, loving, surfing, and surviving.

Using everything at their disposal, Vaughan, Jed, and the crew will aim to provide guests with the ultimate guide to feeling swell, and an army of DIY healers back to their respective communities armed with the latest tools for surviving and thriving in a complicated world. Free tickets will also be given to select financially disadvantaged and/or down-on-their-luck individuals, as per the ‘Golden Ticket’ program, to make sure the right people get the help they need. This is The Swellians’ attempt to give back to the community that has supported them thus far and leave a resoundingly positive imprint on the minds and bodies of all those that have been kind enough to come on the journey with them. Special guests include Tom Carroll, Richie Vaculik, Brad Gerlach, Jodie Cooper, Laura Enever, Dean Morrison, Nathan Hedge, Jarrah Tutton, Asher Pacey, and Josh Ku. There’s gonna be seminars, workshops, guided meditations, Wim Hoff action in the ice bath, bands, the lighting of the ceremonial Swellness torch, a live recording of the Ain’t That Swell podcast, and many more feel-good activities and things and stuff.

Click here for tickets and a full rundown of the program.

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