After A Fashion Drop Video for “I Remember it all”

Video by Logan Rice

No doubt you’ve seen James Messina’s film and title work before.

As a contributing filmmaker for Russell Houghten’s production company, Brindle Collective, James has helped make some of skateboarding’s most memorable videos in recent years for brands like New Balance Numeric, Volcom, and others.

NB# presents Parallax, filmed and edited by Russell Houghten and James Messina for Brindle Collective

Unbeknownst to most, he also plays guitar and sings in a band called After A Fashion that puts out some solid shoegaze, post punk vibes. LA-based friend and filmmaker Logan Rice was tapped to direct the band’s new song, “I Remember It All” from their debut ep, Homesick, which you can watch above.

From Logan Rice: “I’ve been friends with James, the frontman of new LA band After A Fashion for almost seven years now. We had always been really close friends and talked about working on a project together, but things never really panned out when we were both doing film. We had our own projects and lived our own lives but never had time to do collaborate, until now.

“Almost a year ago, James started a new band with a few of his close friends: Zach Calvello, Austin Calvello, and Andrew Clark. When James had first shown me the record, I knew instantly that I wanted to direct and shoot a music video for him. It was the perfect opportunity to work together, while each being on different sides of the spectrum.

NB# presents The Good Land, filmed By Luke Murphy, Russell Houghten, James Messina. Edited by James Messina.

“The project was shot entirely between Los Angeles and places around his hometown of Groton, Connecticut. The song is very meaningful to the both of us. We’ve been a part of each other’s lives throughout a lot of what it’s about. I’m not going to disclose what the song is about or the meaning behind it, just know it’s very personal and we want the viewer (or listener) to interpret it in their own way. Too many projects nowadays disclose too much information and have a very defined storyline, and that leaves us as viewers with no room for imagination.”

Directed / Shot by: Logan Rice
Colored by: Dante Pasquinelli
Film/Process/Scan: Pro8mm

Listen to the debut EP from After A Fashion on Spotify here.

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