Adobe Are Letting You Try Creative Cloud for Free!

Adobe and The Presets went looking for young creatives to collaborate on a user-generated lyric video for ‘Tools Down’, and they most definitely found them.

With the help of longtime collaborator and the duo’s unofficial art director, Jonathan Zawada, The Presets and Adobe combed through the countless entries of young hotshots everywhere to pick out the cream of the crop. We’ve been sworn to secrecy as to who the winners are (you’ll have to wait a little bit longer), but we can tell you the video’s looking very good.

And because every brief intermission deserves a tasty treat, Adobe are offering a sweet deal to tide you over until the winner reveal. They’re giving all Australian and New Zealanders the chance to trial the entire Creative Cloud suite (that’s Photoshop, Acrobat Reader and a whole lot of other programs the arts and crafts table at Monster Children uses) for FREE for seven days. Think of how many entries you’ll be able to create for the Adobe x The Presets: Lyrical Masters competition! Zero, because you’ve missed the bus, dummy. But don’t let that stop the creative juices from flowing!

Australian residents get your free seven-day Adobe Creative Cloud trial here, and Kiwis get yours here.

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