Hiroki Muraoaka and Shin Sanbongi

Adidas Skateboarding are Reviving a Sydney Skate Spot for City Copa

Photos by Dave Chami

Even before Jonah Hill’s nostalgic skate film Mid90s hit our screens this year, skateboarding was beginning to turn to pre-Y2K times for inspiration.

So it only makes sense that adidas Skateboarding have decided to revive a much loved 90’s Sydney skate spot—Newold, in Macquarie Park—to its former glory for our edition of City Skate Copa. The big wigs in this city might not want us to have any fun, but adidas Skateboarding have managed to use bribes, influence, and a few pairs of shiny new shoes to convince the powers that be to let adidas Skateboarding Japan team riders Shin Sanbongi, Hiroki Muraoka and Kento Yoshioka, and Aussie teammates Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Gabriel Summers, Adam Davies, Ryan Wilson, Sean Parker, Jae Overton, Billy Lukins, Vanessa Miles, Gary Almeida and Nat Prugsaritano take over for the day.

Tom Snape

City Copa Sydney follows up a global run of events held in swanky cultural hubs like Los Angeles, Paris, New York City and Shanghai, which means that Sydney’s playing with the big boys now and we better show out for it. Did we mention you’re invited? There’s an open skate session with custom built street obstacles, a cash pool prize of $2,500 for best tricks on the day, live music, BBQ and bar, and Macaulay Culkin will be there making pizza too.

Get down to Skate Copa on Saturday 1st December, 2018 from 12 pm – 5 pm at Newold, Macquarie Park, 36 Bridge St, Sydney.

Nat Pong – One Foot
Ryan Wilson – Wallride
Vanessa Miles – Slappy 5-0 Nose Grab
Adam Davies Kickflip Backside nose blunt slide

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