What is Monster Children?

What is Monster Children? Is it a magazine about the joys of nude yarn bombing? Does it have something to do with shoplifting and throwing fruit at cars? Is Monster Children a plastic bag filled with dirt and hair? No. It is none of those things. Monster Children is an aesthetic, a lifestyle, a vision shared by creative forward-thinkers who believe, above all, that fun is the most important thing in life (after air, water, and food).

Published quarterly, Monster Children magazine is a precious, collectable artefact that never finds its way to the recycling bin. Monster Children lives forever on the world’s bookshelves and coffee tables, while all the other mags become eco-friendly toilet paper. Monster Children is also a website, and you’re looking at it right now. Here you’ll find news, views, photography, film, art, and a bunch of other cool stuff that we and our global audience are obsessed with.

And as more and more titles disappear beneath the inexorable wheels of the digital age, Monster Children continues to flourish. Why? Because it’s rad, that’s why.

Want to get in contact? Drop us a line. Or don’t. It’s entirely your choice. No pressure.

You can find the Monster Children Privacy Policy here.