A Tough Morning With Harry Bryant

We caught up with Harry Bryant at his favourite place in the world: the boat ramp.

He recently acquired a small yellow dinghy complete with tribal prints, sponsor stickers and a retired race number. Apparently, the previous owner used to race this thing at over 120 clicks. Harry, though, drives it at a respectable 90 km/h, just to be safe. Our good friends over at G-Shock have just dropped their brand new tide watch, the GBX100, which has all the bells and whistles, including Bluetooth (allowing you to receive text, call, and email notifications), and over 3,300 different tide locations around the world. The casing is made from resin and steel, so if you bounce off the reef this sucker will still be ticking. It’s a tough watch, and there is only one surfer we could think of who’d beat the hell out of it in a day, and that’s Haz. The waves didn’t quite come to the party so we launched his insta-famous ‘ThunderCat’ to drag Harry into a couple of closeouts and then caught up over a coffee to talk about what it means to get tough with Haz.

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You drive a Land Cruiser troopie (troop carrier) how important is it to have tough equipment to find good waves in Australia? 

Yep. Definitely, I tend to opt for durable equipment that’ll handle the raw kind of rough climates we have here in Australia—especially being on the coast, it gets cold and salty, so, yeah, you definitely need durable equipment to live on this coastline.

What’s the toughest situation you’ve been in recently?

Probably the Thundercat situation in the video. I flipped it on an isolated beach, down on the south coast and, yeah, I had to pull the motor apart, flip it back over, and get the thing going just to get off this isolated beach that had no phone reception, no food and no water. That was probably the toughest situation I’ve been in recently. 

Oh, fuck! Do you know anything about putting a boat motor back together?

Not really, nah. I kind of had a little idea of what to do, but it was all pretty spur of the moment bush mechanics. Well, actually, beach mechanics.

It seems like you’ve put the cat through its paces. How tough is that thing?

It’s really tough. It can handle a fair bit of horsepower; it’s got a 50HP Yamaha on the back and hits about 90km/h on the water, so if you’re getting on board you better hold on.

Alright, you’re at the boat ramp, a text pops up on your watch, who does that text have to be from for you stop launching the boat and steaming off?

Probably Big Dav—aka Dave Fox—texting to say the winds have gone shit or to give an updated forecast. That’d stop me in my tracks. It would have to be a pretty serious chain of events for me to not put the CAT in the drink. 

So a text from KB (Harry’s GF) doesn’t get a look in? 

No, no, you’ve gotta get your priorities set. It would just be unfavorable weather or conditions to stop me from launching it. But in saying that, that hasn’t stopped me before. I don’t think anything is ever going to stop me from getting that little yellow thing in the drink.

Low tide or high tide?

Umm, high tide. Going across bars on low tide has been pretty treacherous and I’ve been taking my dog with me to chase waves, and he’s not a fan of crossing the bar at low tide at all. We’ve had a few very close calls. I’ve actually got my dog, Barry, a lifejacket now because there were a few touch-and-go situations. I’m going to go with high tide.

Track conditions or hope for the best?

Yeah, you gotta tune in to the best forecasting website. The one I use is wakeupandcheckit.com and that gives you a pretty good outlook on the ocean conditions that morning; sometimes you’ll just wake up in the morning and it’ll have that feeling or look about it and you know it’s time to get that thing in the drink. 

Toughest wave to surf?

Probably Headlockers Reef in Thirroul.

What’s the toughest haircut you’ve ever had?

Oh, that’s a tough one, I was running a pretty rogue mullet through the isolation period. During the toughest lockdown stage, when you couldn’t leave the house, I cut myself a mullet. But as soon as the lockdown eased up a little I had to trim it so it didn’t really see the light of day too much. 

What’s the toughest time to get out of bed?

Probably, shit o’clock.

What’s shit o’clock?

Around 3-4 am. Pretty rough.

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