A Sydney Group Show You’d Be Mad to Miss

Saint Cloche is presenting its first Pas de Trois for 2022, and you’d be mad to miss it.

What’s a ‘Pas de Trois’, you ask? We had to google it too, but we can now inform you that it refers to a dance between three people—the perfect way to describe the synthesis between the three incredible artists we’re about to tell you about. Opening tonight at Saint Cloche’s Paddington gallery is UP-SIDE-DOWN, a show from Minna Leunig, Monique Robinson and Lana Launay that brings their work together in one hell of a visual dance. Using nature as symbolism and as a way of connecting to the audience, UP-SIDE-DOWN sees all three artists bringing their mediums of choice to reflect on forms found in the world around us.

MInna Leunig

The first of the talented trio is Minna Leunig, a Geelong-based artist who creates playful images inspired by the unique beauty of native Australian landscapes. (And yes, those of you who’ve clocked her surname have probably already figured out she’s the offspring of one of Australia’s most famous illustrators and cartoonists, Michael Leunig). Her work features bold silhouettes and organic lines, created with thick paint so tactile, you’ll have a hard time trying not to reach out and touch it. Minna says that for this body of work, she’s leant further towards abstraction, using symbolism to capture the spirit of our native flora and fauna as opposed to clearly identifiable forms.

Monique Robinson

Next up is Monique Robinson, whose main love is beautiful handmade ceramics—but you’ll find her dabbling in sculpture, lighting, creative direction and set design too. For this show, Monique has focused on capturing the moments that occur at sunrise and sunset, and the way that the rich, earthy colours blend into one another. Her experimental pieces are raw and organic, creating a connection to the land, river, mountains, and sea within each vessel. It’s beautiful stuff.

Lana Launay

Completing the dance is self-taught sculptor and artisan, Lana Launay. Creating lighting objects made from environmentally considered materials, Lana weaves, wraps, and assembles on reclaimed frames she collects, or manipulated metal frames made locally. Making use of natural materials is Lana’s MO: think coconut shell rope, bamboo stalks, shoji paper, coffee-stained raffia leaf and organic yarns, all sourced from the land. The result is hand-crafted objects that throw and diffuse light in inventive ways–but you’ll have to come along to the show to truly see it for yourself. These illuminated installations are the first glimpse into Lana’s sculptural work, and proof of what incredible things can result when an artist challenges themselves to think resourcefully and create sustainably.

UP-SIDE-DOWN runs from 20 – 31 July, 2022 at Saint Cloche, Paddington. Opening Night: Wednesday 20th July 2022, 6pm – 8pm.

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