A Fond Farewell to Dog Dick Pink

Photos by Dougal Gorman 

It should come as no surprise that a night out with Mini Skirt and respected associates left me with a substantial hangover Saturday morning.

Hangovers can go either way, but after copious amounts of water, a bacon and egg roll, two ibuprofen and a beer, I found myself at the Lansdowne Hotel for gig number two: Flight to Dubai and Dog Dick Pink.

With heavy hearts, last Saturday Dog Dick Pink took to the stage for their final show. Dog Dick Pink are like no other. Consisting of six members, the band demands your attention with their mysteriously dark and romantic ballads, punctured by growls and moans.

Opening the night with ‘Chocolate Milk/Sleep Forever’, the slow, dreamlike track instantly captivated the audience and set everyone up with a false sense of comfort and tranquillity. This quickly turned to heart palpitations, though, as tracks such as ‘STICK EM UP’ and ‘WEREWOLF’ echoed throughout the Lansdowne.

When he’s not waltzing through the dark crowd, Nathan Paterson (frontman) stomps and gyrates around the stage, just as you’d expect a young Iggy Pop to. As their final song ‘APPALOOSA’ slowly built in intensity, Nathan asked the crowd to imagine their darkest cowboy and cowgirl fantasies before continuing to behave like a wild dog. Personally, I hope this isn’t the last we see of Dog Dick Pink as the band’s musicianship and on-stage presence is as captivating as they come.

Off the back of their latest EP Strife, the Flight to Dubai boys have been selling out shows left, right and centre. In his signature Akubra hat, Atlas Able and his band took no time getting the Lansdowne moving (in their seats). Blasting out the gates with ‘Firefighter Lady’, the audience was treated to a variety of new and old and heavy-hitting classics.

Early in the second set, guitarist Wayland snapped a string (no surprise when you play like as voraciously as he does). Proving he has the fastest hands in the Inner West, the guitar was restrung in no time, and the show went on. Flight to Dubai have an ability to move between their slow and high paced songs, which results in a seriously enjoyable rollercoaster of variety.

A personal favourite slow jam of mine is ‘Last Hue’, but you can’t beat their high paced tracks like ‘Fearlings’ to get the heart rate going. The night ended with ‘Hot Hot Hot’, a bloodied forehead and Wayland parading around on Ben’s (of C.O.F.F.I.N) shoulders.

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