A Dreamy Little Surf Flick Called ‘Float’

We receive a lot of random submissions in the mail here at Monster Children, and sometimes they’re really, really good.

And that was the case with the film above, Float. It came in from a friend of a friend named Adam Warmington. We emailed Adam back and said, ‘Thanks, man. Can you tell us a little about this?’ He said sure. And then emailed some info which we then crafted into a very short Q&A. Read time: 90 seconds. Watch the vid, read the thing.

Adam, who is the kid in Float?
The kid is Anthony.

Where in SF does he live, and where does he surf?
Anthony is from Hunters Point. A pretty hectic part of SF… a far cry from the SF most people know, let alone visit.

Was Anthony part of some outreach surf program or did he just figure out surfing for himself?
No, he got into surfing through an organization called MeWater. My buddy Eddie Donolan runs it. It’s amazing. They take kids from underprivileged neighborhoods surfing. There have been a few films in this space, including one I made almost 10 years ago, called The Sunnydale Kids. Those films are cool and all (MeWater was also featured in the Patagonia film Fish People), but I wanted to do something different with this one. A less traditional narrative. More a personal story/dreamscape.

How did the project come about?
Me and a couple of buddies filmed a few camps, but it became apparent to me that there was a deeper story there. I basically asked Eddie if he’d trust me to make something more dreamlike, abstract and cinematic, less traditional. He was down. I asked him who I should spend time with—he recommended Anthony.


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