A Cheeky Peek at Mardi Gras Sydney

Photos and words by James Adams

Built around the infamous parade, Mardi Gras is a party that spans hours, days, and suburbs. This epic annual event renders sleep so undesirable that it’s totally ignored.

Buffed-out cops let their guards down and pose for selfies with even buffer queens. Guys in ass-less underpants take photos with police horses with rainbow streamers in their manes. Down a laneway, turntables are set up on an apartment balcony, and a fully-fledged dance party is kicking off. No idea what’s around the next corner but people are running that way, so it’s worth a look if you can manage to pull yourself away from whatever the visual orgy is beaming into your eyeballs at that moment. You’d hope to have had a big breakfast because this party carries on for days. Love is found and lost, lust is palpable, and the spirit of openness and total freedom is enough to leave a dumb grin on your face long after the masses have hung up their wigs and stilettos.

Days later, in the aftermath of a momentous weekend that is thankfully over (but already sorely missed), you see the world through dark glasses; glitter on the sidewalk and miscellaneous rainbow paraphernalia stirs memories, flashes of a dream, and the chins of those back at work, back in reality, are raised, and mental preparations for next year’s Mardi Gras Parade are already being made.

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