A Bit Of Fun EP02: Colin Moran

Welcome back to A Bit of Fun, a series we made with our friends at White Claw to focus on a few of our favorite surfers who live it up to the fullest, no matter their surroundings.

Photography by Ryan Allan. Video by Michael Cukr. Additional filming by Blake Myers.

Colin Moran ain’t leaving Orange County anytime soon. As he says, “I love home. I love my friends and they’re here. I just want to hang with them.” The pro surfer—or “Goose”, as he’s more affectionately known by his homies—has travelled the world multiple times, only to reach the conclusion that nothing beats life in Costa Mesa. After all, he’s got everything he needs: solid surf, a badass vintage Cadillac, damn good carne asada, and his closest friends all within a few blocks from the beach. Not bad. Colin showed us what the good life looks like for a quick weekend in the OC. And we gotta say, we wouldn’t wanna think about living anywhere else either.

‘When you grow up in Orange County—Newport or Costa Mesa—everyone knows it’s a good time. There’s a lot of fun places to go out, get drinks, or eat. It’s why tourists come here. To have a good time.’

‘The last year, I kinda don’t give a fuck what I ride anymore as long as it’s fun. Usually the waves aren’t that great around here and I haven’t been traveling as much lately. So might as well ride something that you’re gonna have fun on, no matter what.’

‘I got the nickname “Goose” from Dustin Barca. He was like, “Hey, I like you. I’m gonna call you Goose.”‘

‘It’s fuckin’ cool looking. They don’t make them like that [anymore]. It’s like two tons of real steel. I wish I knew more about cars but it’s kinda one of those things—you’ve gotta keep working on them to find out about them.’

‘I did a lot of traveling and I always tried to picture myself, like, “Could I live here?” But I love my friends and they’re here. I just want to hang with them. If I could just do that every day, that would be awesome—have my friends around, go surf, drive my old car, end the day with a barbecue, and maybe go out after that.’

Have a bit of fun yourself and get some White Claw here.

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