A Bit Of Fun EP01: Demi Boelsterli

Introducing A Bit of Fun, a series we made with our friends at White Claw to focus on a few of our favorite surfers who live it up to the fullest, no matter their surroundings. First up: Demi Boelsterli.

Photography by Ryan Allan. Video by Michael Cukr. Additional filming by Blake Myers.

Here’s the thing: Demi Boelsterli isn’t a try hard. In fact, some might say the Santa Barbara-based surfer doesn’t try hard enough, considering how effortlessly talented she is across a multitude of skills, including art, music, surfing, and skating. Despite her describing it all as ‘controlled chaos’, Demi has a pure and uncomplicated zest for life that’s guaranteed to spread a smile to anyone around.

We spent a weekend in her hometown to document her idea of fun, and to be honest, if this is what ‘controlled chaos’ looks like, Demi might have the wrong definition in mind. Demi ‘Do Good’ definitely done good. (Say that five times fast after a few Claws).

‘The connection I can make between surfing and art is that it’s like chaos and control, and they meet. When you’re surfing it’s controlled chaos, and at least for my art, it’s like that too. For me that’s really what does it—that’s the fun of it.’

‘I feel like when you’re a kid, you’re like, “Oh, I wish I had a fish.” You always just have the wrong board. But my most “fun” board [now] is an asymm with some big old fins in it. If it’s under head high, it’s every board in one. It’s magic.’

‘I think for me, it’s everything all the time. Just, “Go, go, go.” Paint, go skate, go surf… I just like going fast and having fun.’

‘There are so many different ways to express yourself. So I think it’s silly to just only paint, or only shoot. When I have a feeling I want to convey, it’s sort of like picking out the right tool. Is photography the right way, is film the right way, is just writing it on a piece of paper the best way?’

Have a bit of fun yourself and get some White Claw here.

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