Studio Visit: Ty Williams

Photos by Andrew Peters, video by Chad Huff

If there’s such a thing as a ‘surf artist,’ Ty Williams might just be it.

Ty’s playful designs, characters and typefaces are inextricably influenced by his time spent on tropical beaches. ‘I love surfing. It’s where I feel the most at peace, being on the water. So it would only make sense that I would bring that to canvas or to paper as I’ve progressed and gotten older.’

‘I’m warming up to the idea that perhaps I’m an oceanic-oriented or surf-oriented artist. And I’m okay with that because it gives so much to me and it’s what’s on my mind and it’s where I feel really inspired,’ says Ty from a studio at his parents’ horse ranch in Southern Maine. It’s where he often goes to escape, relax, and focus on his work, and where we meet up for a few days to pepper him with questions while he prepares for an upcoming solo show. Hit play, above.

Ty wears the Nixon Time Teller in Flat White. Find the full collection here.

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