Side Streets: The Ram Interview


Kyle Smith was born in 1991, the year of the Ram. A zodiac sign that represents someones general mood to be negative and somewhat pessimistic.

Even though I don’t know or read much into zodiac signs, this one was too good to ignore and Kyle’s nickname has been Ram ever since. Don’t let this write up or his interview below fool you though, Kyle isn’t that much of a badass. Even though he’s got a lot to say with a strong opinion, once you’ve gotten to know him as well as I have you’ll realize he’s a sweetheart deep down with a lot of love for his friends and hobbies in his life. Having said that, I present to you The Ram Interview.

State your full name
Kyle Everett Smith

Where are you from?
Leucadia,  CA


Do you wish you lived on the East Coast?
Well the skate scene on the East Coast is something that I’m more interested in. Everything I watch is basically coming out of there, and also to have seasons would be nice. When it’s always sunny and hot, it gets overwhelming, I can’t hang in the heat.

Would you say you have a temper? (Laughs)
I definitely used to a lot worse than I do now. All my friends used to try and take advantage of it and make me mad on purpose for their own entertainment, which would piss me off. I would say my temper has mellowed out a lot compared to when I was younger though.

Are you a pessimist?
I would say 60/40, 60% pessimist. I definitely hate on things for no reason. I just think its more interesting that way. It’d be cooler if people were more upset rather than pretending to be happy all the time.

How’d you become interested in taking photos?
I took some classes in school, I’m still in a class now. It’s cool being able to use the dark room and be able to learn stuff all the time. I got my first camera in high school for a Christmas present, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Do you think skateboarding and photography go hand in hand?
I think skateboarding has opened my eyes to the idea of photography because I was a pretty big skate nerd when I was growing up, always looking at magazines and stuff. As of now though it really has nothing to do with skateboarding,  I’d say more towards older color photography is what inspires me.

I know you get hooked up with 5Boro, how’d that go down?
I was working at a skateshop in my hometown and landed a right place at the right time situation. It’s cool bro. Thanks to Nardelli and Tombo, you guys are awesome.


So after this interview are you gonna go home and Skype? 
Yeah I got a facetime date with some hunny from San Franciso, 9 o’clock sharp.

Is it love?
Is it love? What is love?


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