VPA: Fire, Brimstone and Satan

G’day and welcome back to ye olde skate column, Vandals, Posers, Athletes.

First off, I’d be willing to wager that at least one person reading this is branded forever with a dodgy ‘666’ tattoo. It starts with a casual night in the garage, suckin’ down a few beers, and then the tatt gun your mate ordered off eBay for $30 comes out. Next thing you know, you wake up on the front lawn with pissed pants and the devil’s number on your upper thigh. I get it. Because Satan is funny, at least in relation to God, who, as everybody knows, is a lame fairy-tale that was invented to scare children.

But have you ever actually read the Satanic Bible? It was written by a dude named Anton Lavey in 1969 and it’s supposedly the most important document of contemporary Satanism. It costs $11.80 on Amazon. It’s also peppered with funny quotes like this one: ‘By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.’ Speaking of releasing inner hatred, have you ever seen a priest get grabby with a grown man? If not, Kevin Bækkel’s new part provides a unique opportunity to observe an aggressive and rather lanky religious figure doing his part for God.

Higher Power

If there’s a ‘higher power’ in this part, it’s definitely Satan. Kevin Bækkel is a deadset rail-chomper. Straight outta Norway and skating to the classic Norweigan black metal of Darkthrone’s ‘Fucked Up and Ready to Die’, Bækkel goes big and really, really fast. It’s no easy feat skating to such a heavy song and doing it justice, but Kev definitely pulls it off. Bitta tranny doggin’ in here too. This shit definitely gave Satan a boner.

Keep The Fire Burning

Slower paced and slightly less Satanic, Keep The Fire Burning charts a Spitty tour across the Northwest of the US. The formula for a good tour video must be to bring lots of people because Spitfire brought about 20 guys, including Ishod Wair, Evan Smith, Mason Silva, Raney Beres, Simon Bannerot, Peter Hewitt, Frank Gerwer, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Kevin Bradley, Ville Wester, Robbie Russo, Silas Baxter-Neal, Hugo Boserup, Cedric Pabich, and Cody Chapman. All in all, this is a dreamy tour edit, with beautiful Super 8 shots chopped together with some really heavy clips. Ishod’s line with two kicky lipslides (frontside and backside) down handrails was mindblowing and the tre 50-50 was a cherry on top.

Still Burning

More fire, this time from Sydney-city filmer Brendan Gardoll, who has made a whole bunch of rad Sydney edits with his mates over the last coupla years, including Power Trip, Bad Wave and now this one, Still Burning. Short, punchy and heavy, these clips are loaded with hammers, some of which are probably leftovers for dudes who are working on other projects with the companies they skate for. Still Burning features Rowan Davis, Noah Nayef, Dean Parsons, Rob Pace, Sam Fairweather, Nixen Osborne, Milan Simundza, Riley Pavey, Jay Runciman, Charles Robertson, Sam Sutton, Jae Overton, Jamey Foxton, Zach Morrison, and Dannan Chiu. Rowan’s opening line was all class and Ovo’s backside flip switch manny was luscious.

Above the Noise 

Above the Noise takes a fairly confronting look at how women in skateboarding get treated today. Featuring, Lizzie Armanto, Samarria Brevard, Jenn Soto and a whole heap of snide, anonymous online commenters, it’s three minutes of skateboarding overlayed with sexist criticisms pulled directly from YouTube and Instagram. It’s bizarre that in 2019 some dudes still can’t handle a small minority of women getting involved in skateboarding and having some success. Keyboard warriors of the world, please settle down.

Skatopia Doco

I thought that communes were only for stinky hippies, but then I learned that they’re for stinky anarchist skate-punks as well. Skatopia is an 88-acre property with various DIY skate features somewhere in Ohio. It has been in and out of the limelight since it was founded in ’95 by a dude called Brewce Martin. Back in the day, it was featured on Bam Margera’s show Viva La Bam, then on one of Tony Hawk’s games, and was later the subject of a documentary called Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy. In 2014, the dudes from King of The Road made a stop there—Clint Walker smashed the Element team’s van windscreen. Earlier this month, VICE put out a new doco which details Brewce Martin’s head injury, which put him out of action for two years, as well as his relationship with his son and mother in the lead up to the annual Bowl Bash. It’s a doco that’s stacked with burning trash piles, fireworks, drunk rednecks and candid interviews.

That’s it from me for another week, friends. Hail Satan.

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