Rare Harvest Moon Tonight!

Get your crystals out because tonight Australians will—if they want and if they’re not visually impaired—witness the last harvest moon until 2049.

But what is a ‘harvest moon’? It’s a big, cool moon, is what it is. Technically, this a ‘micromoon,’ meaning it’s as far away from the earth as it can be, but it will still look really big. A harvest moon is a special moment in time when our moon (which we legally own) reaches peak brightness near the Spring equinox. The harvest moon is called a harvest moon because yore farmers (from the days yore) would see the big yellow moon and know that it was time to get the carrots in. This moon is also referred to as the ‘corn moon’ because it makes you hungry for corn. Witnessing the harvest moon is meant to mark the genesis of a lucky period, so make sure you don’t miss it tonight—or you might DIE! From DEATH!

Apparently, the harvest moon will reach peak illumination in Sydney tomorrow, Saturday 14th at 2.32pm… In the day. How cool is it when you can clearly see the moon in the middle of the day? I love that. Make sure you check it out tonight, though. It’ll be cool. I’m a Taurus (rising sign: Capricorn), which of course means my moon is currently in Virgo, so go ahead and give me sugar—I am your neighbour.

Here’s a song called ‘Harvest Moon’, which is about the harvest moon and the importance of using conditioner.



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