White Bleaches Debut LP

Torquay’s White Bleaches will release their debut album on Friday 13th of September, which is tomorrow.

The album is titled Sit Back & Relax, Death Will Be Slow, but was originally going to be called Good Things & Nice Feelings, but the band changed it during a K binge on the Mornington Penninsula. The ten songs on SB&RDWBS were recorded at various break and entries from Mornington to the Surf Coast of Victoria, and, according to the press release ‘they represent a sonic exploration of the fear of death and the inevitability of the end.’ Again, the K binge on the Mornington Penninsula.

With sharp guitar, driving bass, and the bristling high energy that has become synonymous with the band’s live performances, you’d have to be a complete ass-lick not to give this record a go. And we’re not just saying that because we know them and owe them money—this record is good. From the thunderous opening track, ‘Death Valley Ghost Town’, to the gritty hand-shandy behind the fish ‘n’ chip shop of ‘Jack the Dancer’, White Bleaches have put together a thrilling debut that’s bound to become a staple in the Aussie garage rock canon.

Check ’em out on the cloud of sound, and watch the video up the top. Then do a backflip off your couch and we’ll give you $30. Will need video evidence.

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