Pass~Port Bring Kitsch to 1700 Naud

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

The Sydney Opera House had never screened a skate film in its 46-year history… until Pass~Port came along.

The Sydney skate co. showed their latest full-length film, Kitsch, at the most iconic music and arts venue in all of Australia, and it was a hoot. So, the Opera House was hard to beat, but we gave it a red hot go and pulled out all the stops and ice-cold Pabsts, at a Kitsch screening of our own at our LA space, 1700 Naud. And now Pass~port are hitting the road again, destination: our New York gallery, 98 Orchard, to screen Kitsch on September the 13th. Get there, but don’t forget to RSVP here to secure a spot in front of the big screen… this one’s going to be packed.

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