We’ve Got A Lot of Questions After Watching ‘The Lighthouse’ Trailer

The new trailer for The Lighthouse has just dropped, and it’s serving up more questions than answers.

Directed by The Witch’s Robert Eggers, the film centres on two lighthouse-keepers in 19th-century Maine, who are isolated from the rest of society on a rocky, weather-battered island. The pair (Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson) spiral into madness, yelling ‘what’ at each other until one flips out and this is starting to sound like one of my past relationships, so let’s move swiftly along. Shot entirely in black and white on 35mm film, The Lighthouse is the third film from production studio a24 that Pattinson has starred in (Claire Denis’ High Life and the Safdie Brother’s Good Time). Check out the trailer above.

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