Era-Defining Photographer Robert Frank Has Died Aged 94

Robert Frank, the icon who redefined American photography, has died at the very decent age of 94.

Odds are if you know anything at all about photography, you know about Frank’s revolutionary body of work, The Americans. The photobook trained an unfiltered, gritty lens at everyday American life in the 1950s, and went on to inspire some of the world’s most influential photographers. The 83 images featured in The Americans (cut-down from about 28,000 that Frank shot while travelling across the US) cemented Frank as one of the most important figures in modern photography.

Frank’s fascinating life story was documented by his editor, Laura Israel, in the 2016 film, Don’t Blink: Robert Frank. Check out the trailer for the incredible film above, or go watch the full version over on Vimeo here. Then, if you’re really trying to procrastinate, go throw away an hour or so on Cocksucker Blues—Frank’s controversial film documenting a sex and drug-fuelled Rolling Stones tour, which the band freaked out about and had banned at the time.

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