Overlooked Bands That Will Save Your Life

With the music industry set up (rigged) the way it is, and labels paying radio to drip-feed the public whatever vapid group they’re hawking this month, most of the truly great artists don’t get a look in.

Lucky for you, dear nimrod, we’ve unearthed (via @Catatonicyouths, who bothers to find this stuff) five artists you’ve almost definitely never heard of… and certainly never heard. These are the artists that the A&R henchmen have been shoving behind the curtain for too long, and it’s high time they stepped into the light. So get ready, because your record collection is about to get a major overhaul. Let’s rock.

Cunthunt 777 ‘Ventil’: Many consider Cunthunt 777 to be Augsburg, Germany’s answer to The Smiths, but they’re so much more than that. Cunthunt 777 songs are multilayered and heavily nuanced, rewarding fans with something new on each successive listen. For example, their hit song ‘Ventil’ (below), released in 2010, ostensibly addresses the issue of having important, overdue conversations with your dad; but the more you listen to it, the more you realize it’s also about doing murders.


Boompa ‘Wosop’: When Boompa dropped ‘Wosop’ in December 2015, the rap world was shook. Boompa’s rhyme skills were second to none, and many were heralding him as the new Tupac. This from hip-hop bible The Source: ‘Boompa is a rapper that happily eschews labels and styles. The California native seems to prefer to let the music take him where he needs to go, which is why his latest effort, “Wosop”, is as good, if not better than anything Tupac ever did.’ High praise, and yet he disappeared into obscurity. Go figure.


Omnia ‘Mutant Monkey’: You might remember Omnia as the band who sang ‘I’m a warrior, Earth warrior, true-born pagan, yeah, I’m a Warrior, nature soldier, fightin’ for the earth’ in 2014’s seminal, tribal folk hit ‘Earth Warrior’. That song was so powerful, so perfect, so utterly right-on, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming Omnia must’ve hung up their rainsticks and called it a day. Wrong. Those nature-loving minstrels kept on keepin’ on, and in 2016 they released ‘Mutant Monkey’, a song that has nothing to do with deodorant or paying rent.


Metaltech ‘Wasted’: Scottish techno-metal outfit Metaltech have enjoyed more success than the other artists listed here, but they still haven’t received their fair share of the spotlight. The three-piece—Erik Tricity (guitars and vocals), Doktor Mathem (lead guitar) and Lord Thrapston (bass)—rock harder than half the bullshit MTV have been stuffing in our ears for the last three decades, and yet they remain virtually unknown, and that’s a travesty in my book. Check out this amazing song about consuming drugs and alcohol until you can no longer contain your bowels.


Merchants of Midnight ‘Welcome to the Rock Show’: Merchants of Midnight. Remember that name ’cause you’ll be screaming it with your ankles around your ears very soon. These guys know how to rock, and they take ZERO prisoners. A warning: Merchants of Midnight are not for the faint-hearted. This is raw rock ‘n’ roll at it’s very best, and why these guys aren’t heading up every festival in the world is beyond me. Welcome to the ROCK SHOW!

These five bands are just the tip of the iceberg. Follow @Catatonicyouths for the rest of the iceberg and don’t forget to keep on rockin’.

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