Get Your Mitts on the Holly Ryan x Neuw Denim Collab

Photos by Kitty Callaghan

You might remember Holly Ryan from our last episode of FLATS—you know, the talented artist who’s way better at making jewellery and sculptures than she is at keeping her limbs intact?

Well, she’s just teamed up with the guys over at Neuw Denim for a five-piece, limited-edition capsule collection that not only looks good, but is doing its bit for Planet Earth too. Everything you can see in the capsule has been hand-stitched, hand-brushed, and hand-grinded to produce really beautiful clothing, without the use of harmful chemicals. The bespoke, handcrafted Holly Ryan button has also been hand-sewn onto each garment locally in Melbourne by the Neuw team, giving the collection a hand-finished touch.

Holly Ryan and Neuw Denim are proof that the dirty process that once went into making your denim is ripe for an overhaul—the water used in the manufacturing process for this range is entirely renewed, reused, and recycled with zero waste being discharged as contaminated sewage into the water grid. So fresh and so clean clean.

The five-piece limited-edition capsule collection will be available in limited numbers in select David Jones Department Stores and in September.

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