Banjo McLachlan’s Show at 98 Orchard Was a Big Deal

Event photos by Dennis Williford

You should’ve seen who turned up to 98 Orchard for photo show, Big Deal.

There was Daniel Craig, Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and more! True, they were printed out on really nice paper and framed at photographer Banjo McLachlan’s latest exhibition at 89 Orchard, but technically, they were ‘there.’

New York-based photographer Banjo put his time staking out New York street corners to good use, curating the most offbeat celebrity snaps for his show Big Deal, and the people of New York loved it. They also loved the ice-cold Pabst beers and Madre Mezcal cocktails, but what’s an art show without some free booze to loosen things up a little?

Check out all the fun you missed from Big Deal below, then stay tuned for the next show coming to the walls of 98 Orchard.

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