’93: Punching The Light

What was the Sydney rave scene like in the 90s? It was exactly like photographer Simon Burtsall’s new book, ’93: Punching The Light.

The new book features photos, diary entries and rave ephemera collected by the then-teenage Burstall, as he went about discovering himself and his vocation (photography) in the ye olde 90s. Functioning as both diary and time-capsule, ’93: Punching The Light ushers the reader into a bygone world that was as impactful and passion-fueled as it was off the mainstream radar.

’93: Punching The Light launches 6 PM October 17 at our New York gallery, 98 Orchard, with an after-party at Good Room in Brooklyn. 93thebook.com

RSVP: 93thebook@giakuan.com

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