Everyone Walked Out On Kirin J Callinan

Once again, Sydney was treated to another howler of a Saturday night.

R.M.F.C (Rock Music Fan Club), Spike Vincent, and Johny Hunter all showed out to support the one and only Kirin J Callinan for his Return to Centre album tour. I managed to catch R.M.F.C’s vocalists, Buz and Grace, before they went on, and although they were understandably nervous, they were stoked to be performing at their first big venue. As cliche as this may sound, I really do think these guys are the next big thing in Aussie music… you heard it here first, folks.

And so it went; the defaced Mother Mary banner was unfurled and R.M.F.C did their rock ‘n’ roll thing. If you weren’t there, fear not—they’re playing the Chippendale Hotel with Display Homes and Parsnip on the 31st of August. I guarantee they won’t disappoint.

Coming on after a flawless performance from Spike Vincent was Johnny Hunter. These guys are as infectious as it gets. With his usual heavy eye shadow and bright red lipstick intact, lead singer Nick Hutt knows how to work a crowd. Covering every corner of the stage, Nick and his microphone jousting sent the audience into a frenzy. No matter what size stage, Johnny Hunter always gives you 110% energy, leaving nothing left in the rock tank.

Last but not least, the man himself: Kirin J Callinan. Those familiar with the musician will know his costumes never fail to impress (if you’re paying attention, you should be able to spot at least four different outfits in these photos). Anywho, forget about the costumes—let’s talk about the performance.

Playing to a home crowd which included his mum and dad, Kirin really turned it on. In-between belting out classics, he’d stop and chat to the audience, inviting them to ask him questions and in turn, tell the crowd funny stories. Kirin’s shows are always one-of-a-kind; at no other gig will you get to enjoy rock, techno bangers and comedy.

As the show was winding down, Kirin had one simple request: to recreate a recurring dream (or nightmare) of his, he politely asked the entire crowd to leave three quarters of the way through his final song, ‘You Weren’t in Love With Me’ so he could be alone, just as it happens in his dream. Despite the crowd’s confusion, they obliged. It was quite beautiful to see Kirin stand there, alone, singing to an empty Metro Theatre and walk off stage to no applause.

But of course, it couldn’t end on that note. Not on Kirin’s watch. To everyone’s satisfaction (except, perhaps the venue), Kirin appeared back on stage for one final song. Creeping well past the midnight curfew, the venue had no other choice but to cut the sound to his mic. But, in true Kirin fashion, he belted out the final lines a cappella style and took his final bow, like the true performer he is.

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