Cash 4 Comment: Mexican Pineapple Soda

Remember Cash 4 Comment? It’s that thing where companies send me stuff for free and then I write about how great that stuff is—and then I keep the stuff.

Unfortunately, the stuff I get is mostly beverages. I don’t want to sound ungrateful—beverages are terrific, thanks—but how about some of you bastards send me a motorcycle or first-class passage to Paris? I was going to write ‘flight’ instead of ‘passage’, but how funny is ‘passage’? I’ll never fly again; it’s passaging for me from here on in. I’ll even take my passage on the bus if I want. I love the bus. Mostly, I love the bus in the morning when everyone smells soapy and fresh and the drug addicts are still asleep. Getting the bus home at the end of the day, though, that’s a different experience entirely. It stinks. And there’s an overwhelming sense of dread permeating everything despite the fact we’re all going home. You know what, though, that overwhelming sense of dread can be quelled by the knowledge that your refrigerator is loaded with Remedy Tepache (segue). My fridge is full of Remedy Tepache (pronounced te-par-chey) because they sent me a massive box of the stuff, and consequently, I know no dread when I take my passage at the end of the day upon the loser-cruiser (that’s Australian for ‘bus’).

Remedy Tepache is a sparkling live-cultured pineapple soda rooted in el ye olde-school Mexican fermenting traditions. With no sugar, this crisp, tropical beverage is made by brewing fresh pineapple juice with Remedy’s live culture and a hint of cinnamon. Perfect on its own, this radically revitalising and refreshing drink is also great paired with tacos, tamales, spicy food, BBQs, tequila, licorice, meat pies, karate tournaments, bicycle theft, crying into bowls of soup, bread fights, and even ice cubes.

In all seriousness, it tastes great and the live cultures do wonders for your gut health—and what have you got without your gut health? Nada, amigo. Get some of this stuff.

Now here’s a video that the Remedy peoples need to watch if they’re looking for the perfect ambassadors for their Mexican pineapple soda.

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