Getting Steamy with Gooch Palms, The Pinheads, Bitch Diesel and More

Everyone in Sydney can testify that the past few days have been cold and windy as fuck.

And when temps dip, two types of people emerge: those who complain about the cold from the comfort of their electric blanket cocoon, and those who attend gigs and find warmth among the countless sweaty bodies. So while the weekend lacked warmth, it certainly wasn’t lacking on live music, and Friday and Saturday night both hosted a seriously good lineup of Australian bands.

Friday night welcomed Newcastle’s finest, The Gooch Palms, to the Chippo Hotel. To no one’s surprise, lead singer Leroy rocked nothing but undies and a sports bra, and the duo belted out their latest album, III, to smiles all-round—especially after a surprise guest appearance from Totty’s lead singer, Kelly. Just up the road at the Lady Hampshire, Gee Tee put on a rock n’ roll clinic in their best speed-dealers and balaclavas (they never disappoint, and I strongly recommend you see them when the chance arises).


Saturday night ticked over and The Pinheads brought along a stacked line up of support acts including 2 Stroke, R.M.F.C, New Age Group, and Bitch Diesel. Quite literally tearing the roof down, the ceiling of the Marrickville Bowlo failed to make it through the first word of The Pinhead’s set which included a handful of crowd favourites and songs from their latest album, Is This Real. Punters were treated to a musical journey from start to finish, but all good things must end. To close the night out, The Pinheads decided to slow things right down, asking the crowd to lay down for the final song of the new album, ‘Outro’. It was perhaps the most peaceful scene I’d ever seen at a rock show.

And just like that, it ended… or so I thought. Much to the venue’s disappointment, repetitive chants of ‘one more song’ filled the room, begging The Pinnies to play their crowd favourite ‘I Wanna Be A Girl’. Did they play it? Of course they did. If you stayed under your pathetic electric blanket all weekend, you really blew it. Next time the chance comes along, get out there and support Australian bands, big and small.

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