VPA 12: When Will The Gambling Industry Notice Skateboarding?

Ahoy-hoy friends, and welcome back to Vandals, Posers, Athletes, my regular column about skateboarding.

I’m not usually a betting man, but today I’ve been thinking a lot about gambling. I’ve had a look at the options on SportsBet and Ladbrokes, and it seems that these days you can gamble on everything from surfing comps, to The Bachelor, to the next Australian election. Not skateboarding though. And that got me wondering: when will I be able to squander my life’s savings, meagre assets and what’s left of my dignity on a skate comp? My guess is it will be at the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

Of course, people have been gambling on skateboarding contests for decades, but generally in a casual, person-to-person, illegal way. It seems that the Olympics, amongst other things, will mark the first time us skateboarders will be able to bet on skate comps legitimately, with serious stakes, against a faceless corporation rather than against our friends. Once the gates are open, it’s inevitable that the betting will eventually open up to the other big comps like X Games, Street League and Vans Park Series.

Personally, I’m ready to gamble heavily. I’ll go into debt if I have to. It’s less than a year away now, and I’m ready to up the stakes on an outlandish trifecta or superfecta in the men’s street final. Make me rich, Nyjah! So here’s a stern word to those morally bankrupt overlords who run the gambling industry: get your shit together and take my money.

Anyway, enough talk of that filthy lucre. Let’s cut to the best edits of the last fortnight or so.

Vans – Diggers

Diggers features a massive spread of the Australian Vans dudes hitting spots in Melbourne, Sydney, Brissy, and Canberra. Young Matt Boggis opens up the edit with a coupla stylish lines, followed by a lengthy tree wallie and a bootylicious backside flip out of a popped grate kicker. From there, the vid showcases lots of dudes from different corners of the Australian scene, including Ben Currie, Sam Owbridge, James Moore, Stevie Stipanovic, Shane Azar, Ben Weir, Floydos, Simon Frazetto, Redney Noonan, Reece Warren, Nixen Osborne, Mashy, Jimmy Roche, Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, and Digby Luxton. Filmed and edited by Neihana Tonkin and Jon Fitzgerald, it’s a mix of HD and Super 8 footage with a bangin’ soundtrack. All in all, I’d say this is a great way to spend 9 minutes.

Head Count – adidas

Head Count features a bunch of mad cutty skateboarding in China from some of the Australian and Japanese adidas dudes, including Hiroki Muraoka, Adam Davies, Shin Sanbongi, LP Nuku, Gabriel Summers, Laurence Keefe, and Issey Kumatani. The quality of these clips is top-notch, though sometimes the drone footage felt a little bit like I was watching via the all-seeing eye of God, which I didn’t dig. Either way, these dudes rip and China has the spots.


Here’s a crew of young guns from Sydney on a four-day trip to Melbourne, flying by the seat of their pants. Featuring Levi Jarvis, Anthony Gotsis, Vanessa Miles, Chris Vaughan, Sam Fairweather, Ryder Lawson, Karl Dorman, and Jack Paterson, this edit charmed the pants off me. The Saints’ ‘One Way Street’ was a ripping song choice, and the DIY spots looked fun as fuck. Never too big for his britches, Ryder Lawson hits the big nuts spots and Sammske is a standout. You can thank Jack Diaz-Pethan for this spicy little edit.


Tyshawn Trash-Can Jam in Sydney

In case you missed it, Sydney held a trash-can jam in honour of current SOTY Tyshawn Jones and his new signature shoe from adidas. Sydney city’s finest came out to session the hot dogs and eat up the trash-cans, copping cash handouts for hammers on the day. Scope the full spread of photos by Cameron Markin. It all looked like a lot of fun.

 First 1260

And finally, some dude named Mitchie Brusco did the first-ever 1260 on a megaramp at the X Games in Minneapolis. That’s three and a half 360s. Never been done until now. And he didn’t even crack a smile afterwards. He just held that thousand-mile stare and then copped a silver medal for his troubles. I would have thought an NBD of that calibre would have constituted gold, but evidently, I don’t know shit about 1260s.

That’s it from me, friends. See you at the TAB (OTB) soon.

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