Tyshawn Jones Gives Sydney a Reason to Skate

Photos by Cameron Markin

In honour of the Bronx’s finest, Tyshawn Jones, adidas Skateboarding and U.P.S skateshop put on the best (and only) trash can jam Redfern has ever seen.

The Sydney suburb joined the ranks of Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo by playing host to Tyshawn Jones’ latest shoe launch over the weekend, with an open skate session and dirty hot dogs for all. Local skaters and the adidas team came out to score some cold-hard-cash and rip trash cans—and, as you can see from the photos below, it was a good time. Check out the winners and grinners in the snaps from Cameron Markin, then go get yourself a pair of Tyshawn’s new signature shoes at the link below.

The Tyshawn Signature Shoe from adidas Skateboarding is available online here and in select Australian stores: U.P.S Sydney, Fast Times, 1991 Perth, and Beyond Perth.

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