‘Above the Noise’ is Coming to 98 Orchard

Never look at the comments section.

We all know humanity’s worst plays out in the feedback section below everything that gets posted online, and some of us are in the trolls’ firing line more than others. Take, for example, female skateboarders. More and more women are getting into skateboarding, which is awesome, but there are still some insecure creeps trying to bring them down with abusive, sexist and even threatening comments on social media.

Above the Noise is a film and photo show by The Smiths (Aaron and Lwany Smith) that recently came to 1700 Naud in LA and shone a light on how female skateboarders like Lizzie Armanto, Samarria Brevard and Jenn Soto rise about the negativity. Luckily for our New York friends, this incredible show is coming to 98 Orchard in September, and The Smiths (and us) want you to come along. Don’t miss it.

Above the Noise opens at 98 Orchard on September 7th at 7 pm. 

Get there! RSVP here.


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