Watch Taika Waititi as an Imaginary Hitler in ‘Jojo Rabbit’

The trailer for Taika Waititi’s new film, Jojo Rabbit, has just dropped, and it looks like everything we’ve come to expect from the genius New Zealand director.

In the film, a lonely German boy’s undying loyalty to the Nazi party is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother is hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. Aided by his idiotic imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, (played by Waititi himself), Jojo must confront his blind nationalism.

Earlier in the year, Deadline asked Waititi about his decision to play Hitler in the WWII satire: ‘I just made him a version of myself that happened to have a bad haircut and a shitty little moustache,’ he said. ‘And a mediocre German accent. It would just be too weird to play the actual Hitler, and I don’t think people would enjoy the character as much. Because he was such a fucking cunt, and everyone knows that as well. I think people have got to relate to really enjoy the ride.’

Check out the first look at Jojo Rabbit above, and keep your eyes peeled for his next project, Bubbles, which follows the controversy of Michael Jackson through the eyes of a Neverland resident—Jackson’s pet chimpanzee.

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