Dion Agius Took Over Our Sydney HQ

Photos by Charlie Hardy

Dion Agius took over our Sydney headquarters last night for his new photo show and film screening… and to test out some new lights and lasers he’s been thinkin’ bout.

Dubbed ‘The Cave’ for the night, the red-lit space played the perfect host to the Tasmanian freesurfer’s creative ventures—from his incredible (and quickly snapped up) artwork and framed photos, to the 15-minute film that saw Dion and Chippa Wilson enjoying some of the Apple Isle’s finest (and most secret) surf spots. Tunnel Signs, Purient, and Lucy Cliche were on the decks, Jameson and Corona were in the ice, and the new Monster Children Travel Issue (featuring Dion) was everywhere else. Check the photos from one hell of a night, below. A huge thanks to all our sponsors at Corona, Globe and Jameson for making this possible

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