1700 Naud: Above The Noise

More and more girls are getting into skateboarding, which is awesome, but unfortunately, there are still some insecure creeps trying to bring them down with abusive, sexist and even threatening comments on social media.

But, rather than feed into the negativity, the ladies rise above the noise, and that’s what this show is about. Above The Noise is a film and photo show by The Smiths (Aaron and Lwany Smith), that shines a light on the repugnant comments left on prominent social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram by assholes. By illuminating these grotesque comments, Aaron and Lwany hope to draw attention to the issue and help skateboarding eradicate the hate.

The film features skaters Lizzie Armanto, Samarria Brevard and Jenn Soto, and the show opens this weekend on July 13 at our 1700 Naud Gallery.

Don’t forget to RSVP: 1700naud.com/rsvp


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